zigmonthly.org is an idea I’ve thought about ever since I had learned about Zig in late 2020: I noticed how often there were really cool projects in the Zig community obscured behind Discord, Twitter threads, etc.

My belief is that there are a ton of people outside the Zig community who are really interested in the language and would love to learn more about what is going on at a higher-level. I want to provide that for them.

What’s the relationship between Zig monthly and zig.news?

Zig monthly is a once-a-month publication where I (@slimsag) curate all the latest Zig things I’ve seen over the past month from the Zig Discord showcase channels, on zig.news, Twitter, Reddit, etc. and do my best to come up with something that I think faithfully represents everyone’s work.

zig.news is awesome: it’s run by Loris Cro, VP of community at the Zig Software Foundation and if you’re keen to get news about Zig as it comes out - that’s a great place to be!

I had wavered back a forth a bit on whether or not to create Zig monthly at all: there are a lot of challenges (what to feature, how to avoid my own biases, how to make sure it’s good for the community and high-quality - while also being sustainable. what tech to use, etc.) With a bit of encouragement from Loris, I finally decided to commit to it.

Zig monthly will also get posted to https://zig.news/monthly !

Who’s behind it?

Just me - a one-person team for now :) I’m just a big fan of Zig, I do this on the weekends among my other Zig work.

How can I help?

How do you decide what goes in?

I’m learning this out as we go! In general, though, my thinking is:

  1. First and foremost I want this to be optimized for people outside the Zig community, the goal is to share how awesome Zig is :) so I’ll:
    • Sometimes prioritize broadly appealing projects (visuals, etc.) over things that are less broadly appealing (e.g. a niche Zig library)
    • Try to interleave visually-appealing content and word-heavy content, so if you have a cool project but no cool visuals - I’ll try to make sure another project’s cool visuals come after yours to encourage people to continue reading.
  2. Within the Zig community, it’d be cool for this to be a way to surface lesser-known things (that library everyone really should know but doesn’t) and lesser-known people.
    • I’m still trying to figure out the best way to do this!
  3. I want to keep curation & ranking of topics as unbiased as I can. I love Zig, I’m working in Zig ~8 hours a day and it’s inevitable I’ll want to share some of my own work, and so I’ll always:
    • Be transparent when I have a bias / affiliation with a project.
    • Do my best to come up with an inclusion criteria / metric that can be applied equally to all projects.
    • Do my best to elevate others in the Zig community - that’s what this is all for!

Please feel free to give me direct/blunt feedback about anything, I want to hear the good and bad: [email protected]


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